Former Texas State player Jaylen Shead describes racist remarks by head coach Danny Kaspar

Update 6/9: The San Marcos Daily Record published a list of statements from former players and coaches who have since come out in support of head coach Danny Kaspar including Kavin Gilder-Tilbury, Ojai Black and former assistant coach Cody San Miguel, now an assistant at Air Force.

Many of the statements condemn the implication that Kaspar is racist, but none of them discount Shead's alleged claims.

"I believe Danny Kasper intentions were always pure," Gilder-Tilbury said. "I would be the first to tell you he is not perfect, his coaching philosophy may be outdated, and he may had said things that we all would question, however, to call the man a racist is very extreme. You had to have very tough skin if you wanted to play for him, and I knew that prior signing with him."

Keff Ciardello of the Austin American-Statesman said that Kaspar has been advised not to speak on the matter while the internal investigation is going on.


Update 6/5: Texas State athletic director Larry Teis has released a statement on the allegations.


Former Texas State men's basketball player Jaylen Shead alleged multiple racist and culturally insensitive incidents by head coach Danny Kaspar during his time playing for the Bobcats in a Twitter post on Thursday. 

Shead transferred following the 2018-19 season despite leading the team in assists. He played for Washington State this past season.

"His words were not only insensitive to the black community, but others as well," Shead's message read. "I chose to leave because I knew I'd eventually say something and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to play anywhere or get a coaching job as I want to one day."

"I was running suicides and since I was in the lead, my teammates began to say 'damn he moving fast,'" Shead recalls. "Coach (Kaspar) proceeds to say, 'he's running like the cops are behind him.'"

A separate incident allegedly involved another teammate.

"One of my teammates from Europe was messing up in practice, he stopped practice to tell him, 'a lot of boosters/alumni here at Txst (sic) are Trump supporters, you keep messing up I'll have you deported.'"

Shead doesn't confirm the player's identity, but Nedeljko Prijovic (from Serbia) played for Texas State for two seasons before transferring to Maine following the 2017-18 season. He was the only foreign player on the roster. The former player goes on to recount three more specific incidents.

Alex Peacock, who played for two seasons under Kaspar (2017-18, 2018-19), tweeted his support of Shead's allegations.


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