Girls state championship date changed, playoff adjustments announced

Photo by Russell Wilburn

Friday morning, the UIL announced that the girls basketball state championships would be pushed back to March 10 and 11 in wake of Winter Storm Uri this past week that disrupted the playoff schedule.

In addition to the change in state championship change, the playoff schedule was adjusted as well. The boys state championship date remains the same as of right now (March 12-13).

Playoff games unable to be completed by Saturday, February 20 can be completed the week of February 22-27 before certifying results, certification deadlines have also been adjusted to meet that need. Rounds may also be completed on consecutive days, if necessary. The UIL acknowledged that some programs will need to complete up three rounds in the span of a week after the delays from this past week.

Pending mutual agreement by participating schools, up to four teams can meet at one location for multiple rounds.

“For example, four schools may mutually agree to play the regional semi-final games at one location followed by the regional final game on consecutive days,” the UIL’s update read.

Updated Girls Basketball Post-Season Dates
February 20                Bi-district
February 20-23          Area 
February 24-25          Regional Quarterfinals
February 26-27          Regional Semifinals
March 1-2                   Regional Finals
March 5-6                   State Semifinals 
March 10-11               State Finals

Updated Boys Basketball Post-Season Dates
February 20                 District Certification Deadline
February 20-23           Bi-District 
February 24-25           Area 
February 26-27          Regional Quarterfinals
March 1-2                   Regional Semifinals
March 5-6                   Regional Finals
March 8-9                   State Semifinals 
March 12-13               State Finals

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