Breaking down the Texas entrants for the 2022 WNBA Draft

The WNBA has released a list of players who have renounced their NCAA eligibility and declared for the WNBA Draft. It's a list that features a lot of Texas college players.

So, since Dave Campbell's Texas Basketball is dedicated to Texas college players, let's take a look at each of those players, with a quick scouting report and a range where they could see their names called.

Joanne Allen-Taylor (Texas)

5-8 guard who played the one and the two in Austin, settling into an off-guard role more as time went on. Not the world's most efficient scorer, but doesn't turn the ball over too much and contributes to team ball on both sides of the floor. Solid player.

Draft Range: Late second to undrafted

Michelle Berry (TCU)

6-foot-2 forward who took a high volume of threes but struggled to convert. Never really developed as a shooter, but has been a solid rebounder. Avoids fouling. Decent passing skills.

Draft range: undrafted

Queen Egbo (Baylor)

6-foot-3 center who shot 68.7 percent at the rim per CBB Analytics. Offensive game is pretty restricted to the paint, though she did take 19 percent of her shots in the midrange. Good shotblocker, but you'd like to see her foul less when trying to get those blocks, as she averaged 2.7 fouls per game. She's a good interior player on both ends, but definitely questions about versatility. This draft being heavy on bigs also makes it tougher on Egbo, as there are others who have higher ceilings.

Draft range: second to third round

Vivian Gray (Texas Tech)

6-foot-1 guard who showed over her time in college that she can be the best player on a decent collegiate team, but how will that translate at the next level? Lack of efficiency from deep is concerning, as are here numbers at the basket. Can she increase efficiency with a scaled-down offensive role? Underrated on-ball depender whose Hakeem Percentage (a CBB Analytics metric that combines steal and block rate) was in the 88th percentile. There are reasons for optimism with Gray, but hard to see what her role exactly is. Still, could be a late steal.

Draft range: third round to undrafted

Lauren Heard (TCU)

5-foot-9 guard who was making a name for herself as a scorer before struggling this past season, which saw her shoot just 34.9% from the floor after shooting 40% the year before. Was the lead guard for the Horned Frogs and had some nice assist numbers, but also turned the ball over a lot. Also regressed as a defender this year. Was there too much pressure put on her? Does she do enough outside of scoring to fit on a WNBA roster—and will her scoring ability resurface after this season?

Draft range: third round to undrafted

Qadashah Hoppie (Texas A&M)

5-foot-9 guard who spent one year at A&M after leaving St. Johns. Hoppie saw her numbers dip this year and shot just 35.8 percent from the floor. Did shoot 38.4 percent from three, her third year in a row shooting 37 percent or better from deep. Turnovers are a little high. Not much on the defensive end. Her pro prospects rest on her being an otherwordly shooter, but right now she's not quite at that level.

Draft range: late third to undrafted

Aahliyah Jackson (TCU)

5-foot-10 guard who started 20 games this year but averaged 3.5 points per game on 31 percent shooting. Theoretical upside as a 3-point shooter based on volume and her improved free-throw shooting. If she continues to play past college, it'll be overseas.

Draft range: Undrafted

Jordan Lewis (Baylor)

5-foot-7 guard whose scoring dipped in her one year at Baylor, but who averaged 17.0 points per game during the 2020-21 season at Alabama. Can run an offense effectively and would be a great pick up for a team that needs a ball-handler off the bench. Does a good job drawing fouls and has been top 100 in assists the past two seasons. 

Draft Range: Second to early third round

Destiny Pitts (Texas A&M)

5-foot-10 guard whose career in College Station never reached the level of her time at Minnesota. She's an incredible three-point shooter though, with two seasons shooting over 45 percent from three. Posted solid rebounding numbers for her size this past season. Seems to have fixed some of her turnover issues from earlier in her career, but is that only because she played more of an off-guard role at A&M? Feels like she might have a game that's a little too one-dimensional to stick in the W, but that one dimension she has can be really, really good.

Draft Range: third round to undrafted

NaLyssa Smith (Baylor)

For a profile on Smith, check out this piece that I published earlier in the week.

Draft Range: Top two pick

Taylah Thomas (Texas Tech)

6-foot-1 forward who is coming off of her best season, averaging 10.0 points and 8.6 rebounds per game for the Red Raiders. Scored most of her buckets at the rim, where she shot 66.7 percent, but struggled in the rest of the paint, shooting just 34.2 percent. High turnovers for her position.

Draft Range: undrafted

Kayla Wells (Texas A&M)

6-foot guard who does a little of everything and played all over the court for A&M this season. Averaged 16.0 points per game and shot 46.1 percent from three. Don't love that her turnover numbers have been high every season, but her size and her ability to be a secondary ball-handler makes her an intriguing prospect. 

Draft Range: Late second round to undrafted

Synde Wiggins (SMU)

5-foot-11 guard who spent one year at SMU after transferring from Rice. I like Wiggins a lot as a college player but hard to see her getting drafted, as she averaged 9.9 points and 3.3 assists per game in the American. Good assist rate and assist/turnover ratio who could find a home overseas.

Draft range: undrafted

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